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Vortech 78°F™ Concealable Cold Vest

Vortech 78°F™ Concealable Cold Vest

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The Vortech 78°F™ Concealable Cold Vest provides instant cooling relief in a lightweight design. The hydrocarbon cooling technology is perfect for athletes, outdoor workers, environments without climate control, and anyone needing refreshing, soothing relief. Enjoy lasting, precise cooling with the Vortech 78°F™ Concealable Cold Vest.


  • 78°F - Approximately 20°F below your core body temperature, these inserts will not cold-shock the body but are perfect for lowering your internal temperature. Ideal for any time you want a slight chill to refresh your senses or keep cool in high temperature work and leisure environments. These inserts can be recharged at room temperature. No refrigeration necessary to charge or recharge this cooling vest.  

The Vortech 78°F™ Cold Vest boasts advanced cooling technology, helping you stay alert and on-task.

The Benefits: 

Infinitely rechargeable. Customizable body contouring ensures comfort and safety as it cools, not freezes, the skin. Durability is ensured by the high-quality construction. The lightweight, adjustable design allows unrestricted movement, enabling focus on the task in uncomfortable conditions. A dependable, safe cooling solution, Vortech 78°F™ Concealable Cold Vest is the go-to choice.

The Vortech 78°F™ Cold Vest is a lightweight design that can be worn over or under garments. It comprises of two inserts with flexible fabric covering the exterior, and four straps - two over the shoulders and two around the torso that adjust to fit different sizes. 


Cold Packs:

Front: 11.5 x 14 Inches 

Back: 11.5 x 14 inches 


Shoulder Straps: (2) 1 x 20 Inches

Waste Straps: (2) 4 x 20 Inch Elastic Straps 

Strap extenders available 

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