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Vortech Innovation

Vortech 58°F™ Cold Therapy Elbow Wrap

Vortech 58°F™ Cold Therapy Elbow Wrap

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Devised by leading trainers and team physicians for collegiate and professional sports alike, Vortech 58°F™ Cold Therapy Elbow Wraps deploy a revolutionary hydrocarbon technology that transitions from liquid to solid at 58°F. This temperature permits all the perks of refrigeration without any of the harmful ramifications connected with ice and gel.

Ergonomically designed with (2) specifically tailored Velcro® straps, Vortech 58°F™ Cold Therapy Elbow Wraps secure directly to your elbow joint with no fuss, offering compression to the injured area while providing total ease of use.

The wraps will charge efficiently when placed in a freezer or any cooling environment with a temperature below 58°F, for 20 - 30 minutes. This temperature is ideal for providing optimal alleviation of pain and swelling.


  • Designed to be comfortable, safe, and effective 
  • Can be worn over either elbow for recovery or pain relief
  • The Latex-free, surface allows it to be worn safely against your skin
  • Easily adjusts for maximum comfort 
  • Simple to clean with soapy water or isopropyl alcohol
  • Unisex - One size – straps adjust to fit most body types; extenders are available  
  • Made in the U.S.A.


  • Size: 8.9” x 11.9” with 1” hole for elbow joint
  • Straps (2): 2” wide by 6” long

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